My Bremen: the ultimate falafel wrap

The rollo, a type of falafel wrap, was invented in Bremen. At least that’s what they say. Its birthplace is said to be the Tandour restaurant, which advertises itself with a smiling ‘Original Arabic’ cartoon. It’s located in the Eck, an area in the heart of the Viertel quarter, next to the Eisen bar. But I don’t care about all that. The main thing is that it tastes great!

Das Tandour am Eck - zu erahnen im roten Haus auf der linken Seite, Foto: Jonas Ginter

You can just about see Tandour – it’s the red building on the left; photo by Jonas Ginter

Hier wurde angeblich das Rollo erfunden: Bei Tandour in Bremen

Heading out to the Viertel? A quick bite to eat in the Eck is a must for many locals. Let’s grab an ‘Arabic’ … next order, please!

The rollo rollers and pizza bakers are lightning quick. It’s hard to believe that they can keep track of the orders coming from two directions, as there’s also a queue of customers waiting at the window to the street. Quite often you get served quicker here than inside.

If you order a medium, you’ll get a portion that will fill you up and makes the perfect start to a night out for €4.30. My partner always alternates between Kikiriki, Cocopan and Arabic. Or how about Mexican, Asia, Mozzapan, Dul Kebab … ? As a vegetarian I can choose between – no surprise – vegetarian (with tzatziki) and falafel (with houmous). The falafel themselves are slightly different to your usual ones, they are lighter in colour and soft, but they are really delicious. I’m sure they’re home-made. Even if you can’t see them on the photo, they’re in there somewhere! They taste better with houmous than with tzatziki, and it’s not as pungent.

Einmal Falafel-Rollo medium, ein bisschen scharf, bitte!

A medium falafel rollo, please, with a spot of hot sauce.

I sincerely believe that anyone who hasn’t had a rollo in the Eck hasn’t really experienced Bremen.

Who do you think sells the tastiest rollo in Bremen? And where is the best place to eat falafel? I look forward to your recommendations.



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